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November Town Hospice Hero: Lurline Liu

Posted on March 17, 2020

Hospice Hero

Hospice Hero Town
Lurline Liu
Volunteer Coordinator
Lurline Liu went into health care because she realized she wanted to help people.

Lurline Liu went into health care because she realized she wanted to help people. Since starting at Islands Hospice seven years ago as a CNA, she took a slightly different path to fulfill her passion — overseeing the organization’s volunteer program, where she helps volunteers spread joy to patients every day.

As Islands Hospice’s volunteer coordinator, Lurline has the important role of interviewing, training and overseeing our 80 volunteers. Most of her days are spent out in the field with new volunteers, training them and making sure they feel comfortable before scheduling solo visits.

She enjoys sharing her aloha and receiving aloha from patients, volunteers and families. “Taking out a new volunteer and seeing them just connect with the patient or having a volunteer call and ask if they could visit more patients — my heart is overwhelmed with kindhearted people,” she said.

Lurline also coordinates floral pickups and deliveries, assists with bereavement visits and plans Islands Hospice’s Day of Remembrance, an annual celebration of life for family members who have lost loved ones. 

“One of my best memories is coordinating the Day of Remembrance every year. It’s a special time where our patients’ families will come to talk story, share memories with hugs, smiles and laughter.”

During the Day of Remembrance, Lurline remembers her own father, who received care from Islands Hospice after his cancer diagnosis. “I have seen the care, the friendly faces and the love they shared,” she said. Her family worked with other hospice providers who cared for her relatives in the past, but to her, Islands Hospice was different. “Having my family with Islands Hospice gave me a change of heart. I knew I wanted to work here,” she said.

Lurline’s family is her inspiration for what she does. “Family is first! Nothing is better than relaxing and talking stories about our loved ones, always remembering those in our hearts,” she said. “I know that we all share the Aloha Spirit because I feel it in my hugs, I see it in their eyes, hear it as we speak and mostly, I know it in my heart. I’m proud to be a volunteer coordinator at Islands Hospice and so blessed to have a job that I love doing.”