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Keeping team spirit high this holiday season

Posted on November 7, 2020

Ask the Expert

Mark Imaizumi
Business Manager
We all managed the last few months in different ways, which is why, for me, NOW is the best time to talk about Team Spirit.

So we’re stepping into the holiday season and coming out of a few dark months, and I’m supposed to talk about Team Spirit. Well… I’d say it’s a good time to bring it up.

Now here’s the deal, having any spirit, much less “team” spirit isn’t part of our job descriptions – that’s not news. But, it can go a long way in being motivational and creating an uplifting work environment, especially in this new world where everyone is more “distant.”  What tier are we in again?

Having “spirit” in the workplace means that you feel a sense of pride being here. Working in a field that you are proud of and for a company you are happy to represent. “Team” spirit is about reminding each other that we are in this together and we are each valuable and our participation and contributions are important. Team Spirit is also a collective of support and encouragement. Some people think it’s corny, but whatever – It’s also not just me running through the halls and saying, “rah rah rah – let’s decorate doors.” I don’t run through halls. I stroll.

In workplaces like Yahoo or Google, team spirit and office parades are encouraged and also the norm. In most cases, it isn’t something that companies can demand of their employees. Unless, you ARE Google and have a literal playground slide for staff. Then and only then, can you demand anything.

Now we are not those companies, but what I’m saying is that in these days when distance is encouraged if not mandated, doing something in the name of “together” helps build character – your own character, and possibly that of someone nearby who could use a friendly exchange of conversation, because not everyone had ongoing human interaction when spring came around. Department competitions build relationships and communications, and a little fun doesn’t hurt, unless you don’t like smiling, then I can’t fix that…

We all managed the last few months in different ways, which is why, for me, NOW is the best time to talk about Team Spirit.

If no one has told you, YOU are important, YOU are valuable and WE are here together, working alongside each other in a TEAM. As a TEAM we can volunteer in the community by assisting with distributions to make a difference. As a TEAM we can compete in the office with each other to build stronger bonds. As a TEAM, we can look out for each other if you notice someone needs a shoulder, an ear, or a word of encouragement. I’m not saying you have to adore each other as I’m not that crazy, but what I am saying is that while we gather here under the roof of Islands Hospice, a little spirit goes a long way not just externally – but here, amongst each other.