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Lavie Raymond

Posted on March 1, 2020

Hospice Hero

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Lavie Raymond
Patient Care Coordinator
After almost 25 years of working in hospice care, one patient stands out the most to patient care coordinator Lavie Raymond. This patient was unapproachable, stubborn and didn’t let anyone close to him, including his own family. 

After a lot of patience, Lavie finally broke down his tough exterior. She discovered a man who just wanted companionship, someone to tell life stories to and someone to talk with about his photography.

The two became close, and Lavie was the only one he would listen to. When he was near death, the patient’s daughters called Lavie, but she was out of town. “I told him, ‘I’m on my way home, but don’t wait for me.’” She gave him the time she was landing in Honolulu and said she would call him the minute we touch ground.

When Lavie called, the patient’s daughter told her that as soon as the phone rang, he took his last breath. “This was back around 1998 and it still brings tears to my eyes every now and then when he pops in my mind.”

Lavie’s long career in hospice has allowed her to help many patients in varying roles. A jack-of-all-trades, she has provided patient care as a CNA, covered intake, billing and DCSA for Team F. She has served as a back-up receptionist, managed electronics and assisted IT, helped HR with new hires and QAPI with auditing reports. She even served on the company planning committee, where she helped plan parties and picnics for Islands Hospice employees.

Family is most important to Lavie, and she cherishes every moment with her husband, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She also regularly attends church, looking forward to the uplifting messages that help her feel rejuvenated for work week after week.

“I love every minute of every struggle and every experience I’ve had while doing hospice,” Lavie explains. “Hospice has given me a new set of eyes and allowed me to grow and see things and have a better outlook on life.”