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April Town Hospice Hero

Posted on April 13, 2020

Hospice Hero

Hospice Hero Town
Glenn Scheib
Spiritual Care Provider
As a spiritual care provider, Glenn Scheib supports patients and families of all faiths from all over Oahu in spiritual care.

As a spiritual care provider, Glenn Scheib supports patients and families of all faiths from all over Oahu in spiritual care. If they have religious faith, Glenn helps them draw strength and comfort from it. If they aren’t religious, Glenn helps patients find peace and meaning in their life as they approach their earthly end.

“I do not strive to replace their permanent pastor or win souls for the Lord. My goal is to help hospice patients find a positive outlook on the life they have already lived, evaluate how they feel about their illness, make peace with their family and friends, and look forward to their future with hope.”

Glenn Scheib grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and had an active childhood participating in Boy Scouts, hunting, church, sports and study. He wanted to become a PA state trooper or an Army Green Beret soldier, but an accident in high school wrestling set him on a new course. “Before my accident, my pastor pulled me aside and told me he thought I'd make a good Minister. I laughed. but eventually, that's the direction I felt God was calling me.” 

To this day, Glenn stays deeply connected to his home church in Pennsylvania. “Every week they send me the worship bulletin, and in October they send me a box of Christmas cookies, as they have for 30 years. They are my spiritual family and I cherish their love.”

After joining the seminary, Glenn served three separate multi-church charges, then became an Army chaplain, serving in the Army Reserve and as an Army active duty chaplain for 22 years. Helping military veterans remember and celebrate their service to our country and reflecting on how their service affected the rest of their life is one of his greatest joys.

Working in this field has allowed him to meet some pretty fascinating people. One patient he fondly remembers was a German soldier who survived a battle, joined a medical aid convoy, surrendered to Americans, and later made his way to relatives in the States, where he joined the U.S. Navy and retired as a commander. 

In 2014, Glenn joined Islands Hospice, where he provides comfort and guidance to our island families. In his spare time, he enjoys raising fruit trees, watching his grandson play soccer, building muzzle-loading rifles and reading up on military history.